About SKEL

SKEL fjárfestingafélag hf. is a public company listed on Nasdaq Nordic Iceland.

SKEL operates as an investment company with the objective of creating value for shareholders, subsidiaries and associated companies, as well as other stakeholders. The Company aims to create value by developing its asset portfolio, targeting long-term value creation with the objective of reducing the weight of fossil fuel in its operations by increasing the number of its sources of income and investments.

SKEL aims to be a strategic investor and thereby to provide support and assistance to the companies, management teams and entrepreneurs in which the Company decides to invest from time to time. SKEL’s staff and management will therefore support its partners in taking full advantage of all the opportunities of the enterprises that they operate, whether in the case of deep-rooted operating companies or good business ideas.

The values of SKEL Investment Company are:

Collaboration: The strength of the team consists in combined experience, expert knowledge and mutual confidence. This teamwork idea extends also to the investment assets and other partners where participants work together to achieve goals.

Transparency: Through transparency emphasis is placed on disclosures and discussions of SKEL, investments and future plans. SKEL emphasises transparency in all relations between employees, partners, regulators and the media.

Accountability: Accountability consists in emphasising the professionalism of management and employees, who are held to account for their actions, words and results. Managers of investment assets are accountable for their own operations.