19. september 2022

Orkan has signed a purchase agreement of 34% shares in Straumlind

Orkan has reached an agreement on the purchase of a third share in the innovation and electricity sales company Straumlind.

From left: Orkan: Kristján Már Atlason, Lárus Árnason, Auður Daníelsdóttir. Straumlind: Símon Einarsson, Gunnar Einarsson, Alexander Moses og Ólöf Embla Einarsdóttir.

Orkan IS, a company 100% owned by SKEL, has reached an agreement on the purchase of a 34% stake in the innovation and electricity sales company Straumlind ehf., which was founded in 2020.

From the beginning, Straumlindar's goal has been to offer its customers the most favorable electricity prices in Iceland. The reception by Icelandic households has been excellent and the number of customers has more than increased fivefold since the beginning of the last year. Straumlind has developed its own software, which is based on artificial intelligence and automation. Straumlind recently introduced a new service, which offers users cheaper electricity at night. With this, the company hopes to promote load balancing of electricity, make better use of the infrastructure of the energy system and offer cheaper prices.

The last two years have been like an adventure at Straumlind and we are extremely grateful for the positive reception from Icelandic households and companies. Our goal in founding the company was to use technology to promote lower energy prices and better utilization of the country's electricity infrastructure. We are convinced that the cooperation with Orkuna will strengthen Straumlind in this journey and we look forward to the future.
Símon Einarsson, CEO of Straumlind
We are excited to have Straumlind in the Orkan-family. We believe that the company corresponds well to Orkan's values and future vision. Through close cooperation with Straumlind, we believe we can present tens of thousands of our customers with new and smart solutions to lower their electricity costs. We want to be the first choice for household energy needs and active participants in the energy transition for the next decades.
Auður Daníelsdóttir, CEO of Orkan