Sp/f Orkufelagið (in sales process)

48,3% shares

The goal of Orkufelagið is to become a leader in all energy solutions in the Faroe Islands.

Orkufelagið is the holding company for P/F Magn, which operates in the Faroe Islands. P/F Magn is one of the largest companies in the Faroe Islands. Activities are mainly wholesale, service, storage and distribution of fuel and retail operations.

The Orkufelag's goal is to become a leader in all energy solutions (full cycle) in the Faroe Islands. The company has an experienced team in energy matters and in retail. The Faroese government has set the goal of 100% renewable energy by 2030.

SKEL has accepted a purchase offer from a Faroese company for SKEL's entire share capital in SP/F Orkufelagið or 48.3%.

SKEL signs new purchase agreement for the sale of all SKEL shares in Sp/f Orkufelagið

The purchase price of the shares will be in accordance with the previous agreement, DKK 146,054,899. The parties estimate that the buyer will issue payment in cash and the shares delivered by the end of March 2023.